"Peace One Day" started 10 years ago, by a man called Jeremy Gilley. Jeremy Gilley was an actor before he became the founder of this project, called "Peace One Day". During his life as an actor, he realized the power of the media in being responsible for progress and information around the world, so he decided to become a flim maker and to try to let people know about some problems that are going on in our planet. He immediately thought about peace, so he tried to make sense about some terrible images of war, but he realized that that wasn't enough. So he started thinking about peace, and its starting point, and that's when he got the idea, because there wasn't a starting point for peace, there wasn't even a day for humanity to share peace together.


He started to write letters to everyone just to try to make them support him, and they did. After that, his idea started getting bigger and more people started to follow it. Jeremy Gilley started visiting many countries, listening to what children and women and men thought about this "Peace One Day" idea. This project got so big that on the 7th of September 2001, Jeremy Gilley was told to go to New York to the general assambly of the United Nations, where every single country acepted his idea of "Peace One Day" and the International Day of Peace was official.


When he went back to London, he met an actor called Jude Law, who helped him. Together, they went to Afghanistan to spread the message. After they went back to London, Jeremy Gilley received a letter from the Taliban saying that they were going to respect the day of peace. Days later, 1.6 million children were vaccinated as a consequence of everybody stopping war just for one day. Jeremy Gilley went back to Afghanistan and he showed his moovies to the afghans. In 2008 the United Nations published a article saying that in Afghanistan, because of this work, violence had been reduced by 70%.


More and more organisations and groups across the world are getting involved in Peace One Day.

Here you can see the video where Jeremy Gilley explains how everything started, called: "It started with a crazy idea"